December 16, 2017

Basic Fitness With Howie Henderson

Howard Henderson is a local musician and former Colorado Springs firefighter that is known by most locals as “Howie.” He can be found at the Woodland Country Lodge and other venues around town playing the guitar, singing and playing harmonica. He grew up in Colorado and spent the majority of his life working in the construction industry as a framer and working for a concrete company. Ever since his twenties he used a unique style of workout to stay in shape. His style is similar to that of the infamous Crossfit organization but he tries hard to include “real life workouts” into his routine. Howie uses the idea of full body exercise interval workouts but throws in his own “real life workouts” such as swinging a sledge hammer at a large tire, flipping giant tires around his yard, carrying weighted buckets, and hiking through the woods with weighted vests.
After a lifetime career in the construction industry, Howard Henderson decided he needed a career change at fifty years old. He decided that he wanted to become a firefighter with the Colorado Springs Fire Department. He used is unique style of workout routines to get himself trained for the firefighters’ physical test. At the ripe age of 50 Howie passed the test and became one of the oldest firefighters to start such a physically demanding career. He continued on as a firefighter with CSFD for twelve years until he decided to hang up the helmet and retire.
Currently, he has lived in Woodland Park for ten years and spends his spare time helping others stay healthy and in shape. He has been training many in the Woodland Park area both at his home, which is located near Meadow Wood Sports Complex’s outdoor hiking trail, and at a number of local gyms. Howie has used his experience in fitness to help him guide people in cross training workouts that incorporate endurance, flexibility, and an all body muscle workout. He has also learned to customize his unique type of training to each individual’s needs. He has the ability to fine tune each of his client’s workout routines to their specific body types and fitness goals. Howie has clients of all different ages and body types including both male and female clients ranging from the ages of 24 to 68 years old.
When asked why he started as a personal trainer two years ago, Howard “Howie” Henderson replied, “My unique workout routine is something that I am very passionate about.” He has the personal desire to share with others the style of workout that has done a number of things for him in his personal life. “Working out in this way is something that has made me feel more comfortable with myself and look better. I have been doing some type of similar training since I was in my twenties and I will continue some form of this training until the day I die!” Howie went on to explain. During the interview it was obvious that his passion for working out himself has been the major motivator for him wanting to train others. “I enjoy the rush of endorphins you get while working out and I love the way it feels!” Howie commented. To try out a personal training session with a National Academy Of Sports Medicine Ceritified personal trainer call “Howie” at 510-9188!

By Trevor Phipps

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