December 16, 2017

Let’s All Keep Woodland Park Beautiful

Keeping Woodland Park Beautiful
Trees are budding, birds are returning and the bears are probably asking, “What’s going on here?? I just got comfortable!”
Winter, 2017…is it going to happen? Snow flurries tease snow enthusiast and lovers, like me and then as quickly as they blow in, they blow out. Sad Face!
In the meantime, while rain dances are surely in your spring radar, the high winds of late have blown in trash from 4 counties! It’s everywhere you DON’T want I to be!
Here’s an idea…because it {IS} nice enough to get outside, take advantage of the beauty, the fresh mountain air, the non-hip waist snow drifts and heart muscle building exercise so needed in the high altitudes with a new accessory: TRASH BAGS….
Another thought and habit of most Keep Woodland Park Group members…Have bags on hand in your car…it only takes a few minutes to pick up a litter pile you see while out and about…A FEW MINUTES! Put your flashers on, don’t worry about a safety vest, just in and out, like a ninja. Don’t think you’ll get it later, take the precious few minutes and do it on the spot.
GO’ll find that little plastic bag from the markets will fill quicker than you can say, “Where did all this come from???” So, GO BIG or take a couple of bags with you…heck, you’ll most likely find several bags blowing in the wind or hooked to a pine…just fill them and file them in your trash.
Woodland Park is BEAUTIFUL because we ALL Keep It Beautiful!
KEEP WOODLAND PARK BEAUTIFUL inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment.
We envision a city where every area is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live.
We envision a community with little tolerance for litter, clutter and the negative footprint of trash in our global landscape
We are comprised of dozens of volunteers, and the support of corporate partners, municipalities, elected officials, and individuals.
Our collective actions champion environmentally healthy, socially connected, and economically sound community.
Keep Woodland Park Beautiful continues to bring people together to transform public spaces into beautiful places.
KWPB continues to expand and welcomes new members at any time of the year. You are encouraged to visit our public meetings held at 6PM the first Monday of each month at City Hall.
By Michelle Perkins


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