December 16, 2017

Local Assault Suspect Pleas Guilty And Sentenced Prison Time

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Local Assault Suspect Pleas Guilty And Sentenced Prison Time
The story last summer of me, Trevor Phipps, the publisher of the News Of Woodland Park getting involved in an altercation with a felony assault suspect caught the attention of many readers. After months of being held in anticipation the outcome finally came in a sentencing court date at the Teller County Court House on March 13, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. Since so many local residents reached out to my family and I, we have decided to run a follow up to inform everyone what the result was of the incident.
A couple of months ago I received a letter from the courts system asking me to fill out a “Victim Statement.” I answered all of the questions in a three page letter which I handed to the District Attorney who then passed it off to Judge Theresa M. Cisneros 4th Judicial District Judge Division: Teller County who read it before she announced her decision of sentencing. I then stood up in front of the judge and gave a brief statement of how the defendant’s crimes affected my family.

The sentencing hearing was the result of a plea agreement requiring defendant Donald Moss to plead guilty to two felony charges. He was charged with sexual assault and first degree assault. For both charges the range of jail time was 10 years- life minimum to 20 years-life maximum. The defense argued for the minimum sentence on both charges being 20 years to life in prison but the prosecution was asking for the maximum being 40 years to life. During the sentencing Judge Theresa Cisneros told Donald Moss, “Your behavior was beyond extremely serious.” She then announced her decision to the courtroom, giving Mr. Moss 20 years to life for the sexual assault charge and 10 years to life for the first degree assault (strangulation) charge. The judge also decided to run the to sentences consecutively making the total amount of time sentenced to Donald Moss thirty years to life in prison. According to the judge, Donald Moss will have to complete an extensive sex offender program before he will ever be allowed parole.
Thank you everyone for your support throughout this horrible incident. My family can now rest assured that Mr. Donald Moss can not be a threat to any of us in the near future.

By Trevor Phipps


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