December 16, 2017

Arts Alliance Keg & Cork Event Colorful Realization

Antler Themed WP Arts Alliance Event hopes to complete work on the downtown Antler Alley Project. Photo By Michelle Perkins.

Arts Alliance Keg & Cork Event Colorful Realization
Who didn’t want to get out last Friday night and attend the Woodland Park Arts Alliance – For Arts Sake Craft and Wine Tasting? A beautiful night offered guests an impressive art auction, delectable foods from ten area restaurants, a wide assortment of Colorado Wines, an array of Craft Beers, including two local breweries, a lively show by three local Starbucks baristas’, a delectable, alcohol free Fruit Mash-Up Bar, live art by well-known area artists, an impressive Samurai sword exhibition, and giveaways, upon giveaways, upon giveaways. TMJ Mountain Jackpot writer Rick Langenberg stated, “Over the years I’ve covered a lot of these events and this is the best turnout I have ever seen!”

Susan Fox offers WP Arts Alliance guest non-alcoholic Fruit Mash-Ups drinks. Photo By Michelle Perkins.

Artist enjoyed the evening, some creating in a new environment, painting or sketching while bantering between other artist and engaging in on going conversations with the many event guest. Artist Jeff Ridlen said, “I didn’t imagine I could draw in this environment but I found out that I could and actually drew more than I expected”.
The Art Alliance board could not be more appreciative as plans move forward with the revitalization of Antler Alley, for the community and visitors alike, to utilize downtown public space.

With guest looking on, in house artist Jeff Ridlen sketches a legendary jazz musician at the WP Arts Alliance Event. Photo By Michelle Perkins.

By Michelle Perkins


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