December 16, 2017


Emily Townsend (l) and Sharon Stark (r) among 130 Cast and Crew of the Charis Bible College Production, "God With Us" held at Pike's Peak Center for the Performing Arts in Colorado Springs. Photo by Michelle Perkins.
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Pike’s Peak Center for the Performing Arts managed the massive and sophisticated production of Charis Bible College production “God With Us” April 7th & 8th. The production hosted nearly 2200 people in three showings with a cast and crew numbering 130 people ranging in age from 7 to 70, including 10 nationalities, Charis Creative Arts School students and Woodland Park community members.
A spinning narration of the history of Christianity, from early accounts through the first decades following the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of God’s son Jesus, told of the necessity for Jesus to come to earth to restore and reestablish authority and rescue mankind. By the narration and storytelling of the aged disciple Peter, to followers caught with him and awaiting execution by the inhuman Roman regime, the audience was given imagination into those devoted lives, those who walked with Jesus and gained understanding of the cryptic events leading up to the typical Easter implications. Peter, leader of the early church, told of past events to encourage their hearts, and depictions and flashbacks to historic times, were played out by live characters on various stages combined with stunning high definition film, impressive costuming and a magnificent musical score.
The colossal production demanded dozens of costumes created and manufactured by 19 year old Madison Leake and her design team.
To better authenticate an antient feel, Muren’s film crew used the full scale biblical village setting of The Great Passion Play located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas which included live animals, camels, donkeys and horses. Combined with the live actors, this multidimensional result reached beyond the impact of a stationary stage.
Adam Stone, coordinator for the Creative Arts School adapted the original stage musical written and produced by Elizabeth and Robert Muren of Northern Lights Media.
By Michelle Perkins

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