December 16, 2017

Ute Pass Brewing Company Celebrates Hemp On 420

Last year on the “stoner holiday” 4/20, the Ute Pass Brewing Company threw a party to celebrate the launch of their beer brewed with hemp products. Many showed up to taste the new beer creations. Rumor has it that the brewery is now locally known for their craft made, hemp infused beer.
This year Ute Pass Brewing Company owner and brewmaster Todd DeRemus has decided to continue the tradition of having a party on April 20th. “To me it’s not about the sister ‘weed,’ it’s about the awareness of industrial hemp and hemp products,” stated Todd DeRemus. In 2014 congress passed the farm act making it legal to grow hemp and manufacture hemp products. According to Todd, the 4/20 holiday is a good time to embrace the law changes.
This year on Thursday April 20, 2017, the Ute Pass Brewing Company is celebrating their special hemp party with a comedian. Making his debut in Woodland Park, comedian Nick Johnson will be performing at the brewing company starting at 6:00 p.m. Todd and his crew have brewed two special hemp infused brews. Next Thursday the special CBD Bees Porter and the Highpoint Amber Ale will be available to try while listening to a funny comedian. There will also be 420 special menu items including their infamous Hempanero hot wings!
So next Thursday night take a night out on the town and catch a good laugh at the Ute Pass Brewing Company. Do it to celebrate not necessarily the legalization of marijuana, but the legalization of more research on the plant. Due to the recent law changes society has determined that the marijuana and hemp plants have many uses other than just to “get high.” Think of the marijuana holiday as a day to embrace the good things the plant has brought to us such as useful medicinal properties and a once unknown super food.
By Trevor Phipps


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