December 16, 2017

Business Of The Week- Mountain CBD

Bottles of Mountain CBD’s CBD oil. Photo by Trevor Phipps

Since the recent laws have changed regarding hemp, a lot of research has been done proving many medicinal properties of the hemp plant. Much research has shown that a chemical found in hemp, CBDs, can be used for a broad spectrum of medical illnesses. According to, the CBD chemicals found in both marijuana and hemp plants can be used for many ailments including reducing eye presseure for glaucoma patients, relieving migraines, treating symptoms related to Parkinson’d disease, and much more. Mountain CBD is now the Woodland Park area’s very own organically made CBD oil provider!
Mountain CBD’s CBD oil is made locally, 100% organically, is GMO- free and completely legal. Owner Kevin Allind, who personally swears by the effectiveness of his company’s product, says that their CBD oil differs from other oils out on the market in a couple of ways. “Some companies try to isolate CBDs when making the oil and the result gives users more of a bell effect. This means that the product will lose effectiveness over time. Our CBD oil is made with the full spectrum of all of the good ingredients present in the hemp plant.” According to Kevin Allind, their CBD oil is made with organically grown hemp that contains a high percentage of CBDs. Kevin also described the Mountain CBD oil as “all natural and very tasty.” He uses all naturally made nutrients in growing the plants and uses a natural CO2 extraction method to make the CBD extract. He also uses hemp seed oil and agave nectar to make the oil.
The positive effects of this product are endless and can be used by everyone to help alleviate everyday aches and pains, headaches, etc. The Mountain CBD oil is available in CBD concentration amounts of 250 mg for $40, 500 mg for $80 and 1500 mg for $200. The CBD oil can be purchased at or at the Allin Gem Rock Shop located in the Gold Hill South Shopping Center near City Market.
By Trevor Phipps


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