December 16, 2017

Keep Woodland Park Beautiful Announces Annual Spring Cleanup Day

Keep Woodland Park Beautiful (KWPB) designated Saturday May 20th as Woodland Park Spring Cleanup Day. The Spring Cleanup is in conjunction with the National Spring Cleanup hosted around the country by Keep America Beautiful.
In an unprecedented move, heretobefore not witnessed in the 126 year history of Woodland Park, local forces are combining to clean up Woodland Park, literally and figuratively. Inspired by the annual Keep Woodland Park Beautiful Spring Cleanup, groups are combining resources to reduce litter, rubbish, trash and general junk, in an around Woodland Park. Keep Woodland Park Beautiful, Focus on the Forest, Main Street, Downtown Development Authority, and Park State Bank & Trust, decided “enough is enough already” and Saturday May 20, is
THE day.
Keep Woodland Park Beautiful (KWPB) is hosting its annual Spring Cleanup Day, and invites all citizens to Midland Pavilion (between the Library and Cultural Center) at 9:00 am to receive assignments to clean the worst areas around town. Adopt-a-Spot and Adopt-a Garden volunteers will begin preparation for the summer growing season as well. A special kids program for those 10 and under is available with planned projects to encourage youngsters to have “dirt” fun. Kids must be accompanied by an adult or teen sibling. Cafe’ Leo coffee and Donut Mill doughnuts, water and juice kick-start the morning. Vests, trash bags, and grabbers are provided to assist cleaning and safety efforts, and eliminate
sore backs.
Focus on the Forest is meeting at Impact Christian Church (on north Highway 67) at 9:00 am to receive assignments to clean designated forest areas and campgrounds around Woodland Park. FOF expects 500 volunteers to invade the forest, and “deep clean” specified areas targeted by the United States Forest Service (USFS).
Main Street and Downtown Development Authority members are meeting early Saturday to beautify downtown. Efforts focus on increasing walkability and cleanliness, as sand from winter vehicle traffic turns our sidewalks into an unsightly and unsafe mess. The sand especially is a safety hazard to walkers and bikers alike. Volunteers may contact Darlene Jensen, at City Hall, at 687-5231, for specific information.
Park State Bank & Trust, hosts “Shred Day” in its parking lot from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Shred Day is a chance for all citizens to confidentially dispose of important papers such as old tax documents, credit card bills, legal documents, etc. This is not a “dump your trash for free” opportunity, as only paper documents are accepted.
Finally, to celebrate Cleanup Day and a “job well done”, Keep Woodland Park Beautiful and Focus on the Forest co-host a free cookout at noon, featuring hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and beverages, with a live band providing entertainment. Lunch, music and celebration starts at Midland Pavilion at noon.
Keep Woodland Park Beautiful
Keep Woodland Park Beautiful is a volunteer organization dedicated to protecting our community, wildlife, and the area’s natural beauty by reducing the accumulation of litter and refuse while promoting the responsible handling of trash and solid waste through education, enforcement and active community participation. Visit at www.keepwoodlandpark, or “like” us on Facebook.

By David Perkins


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