December 16, 2017

KWPB Hosts Huge Clean-Up

KWPB Hosts Huge Clean-Up

It’s less than 10 days until the biggest clean-up effort ever held in
Woodland Park!
On Saturday, May 20th hundreds will gather at Midland Pavilion between the library and the Cultural Center by 9 am and be dispersed all over Woodland Park to cooperatively pick up litter and debris to make Woodland Park beautiful. Children under 10 will pick up as well with special programming being offered to children accompanied by adults. As volunteers start returning after noon, they will be treated to a complimentary lunch and entertained by HIGH ENERGY ROCK &
Are you thinking there are already enough people to get everything picked up? The answer is, “certainly not!” The all city effort needs as many hands on deck as possible. There is a sea of trash throughout town embedded by the winter months to pick up and new trash blowing in every direction by the spring winds.
This year’s efforts spearheaded by the Keep Woodland Park organization is working in collaboration with Focus on the Forest whose efforts are concentrated around cleaning the outlaying parks and campgrounds of
Teller County.
Both of these efforts offer families, work groups, church groups, individuals and friends an incredible service opportunity and great way to spend time together with a common focus in the community neighborhoods they live in and love. Organize a small group today, call a neighbor or friend and invite them to join you.
Keep Woodland Park Beautiful would like to welcome your insight, help and participation. The public is invited to visit Keep Woodland Park Beautiful public meetings held at 6pm the first Monday of every month at City Hall. For more information contact
By Michelle Perkins


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