February 22, 2018

Mom, Mom, Meatloaf….

It’s Mother’s Day, a dreaded day by dad’s everywhere, a somber day of reflection for those left motherless and perhaps a day of OMG, TODAY is Mother’s Day?? by young adults flown from the nest.
I am a mom to five plus a few more accumulated over the years who call me mom. I can testify that I loved every minute of motherhood and homeschooling. I have no regrets for those years of my devotion and the days, months and years could not have flown by faster. It was utter privilege.
I miss those minutes, moments and years. I miss my now grown children more than life and cherish each moment we can be together as adults. It is so unexpected that just yesterday they brought me dandelions, wished only to please me, held my hand…
Did I know it was the last time I would hold their hands? That they’d say, “Mommy, watch me!”? That they bring me tokens made with their own hands? That they’d be carried on my hip? Regretfully, no…
To those of you in the thick of it, appreciate it everyday! Roll around in it like a dog! Be present in it and in the lives of the individual souls you have been intrusted to direct to their purposes, to mold into awesome individuals.
To those of you anticipating it, I wish you patience in that sometimes agonizing journey…my friend had a child this week after 13 years of waiting…my beautiful daughter, full of love to share waits, still. The name “Eve” given to the first woman of God’s creation indicates a nurturing natures including mothering or giving birth to ideas, concepts, as well as children so for those feeling slighted by not having children, get busy with all you do have to birth!
If you are a mom and a hard to please mom…REFOCUS! It will be about you soon enough. You only have a minute with your children and it is a divine appointment indeed so be the best you can at it!
Play with Your Kids
Eat Your Greens, Oranges, Yellows and Reds
Don’t Pick Your Scabs OR Your nose
Let Your Kids Play
Keep the TV Turned OFF
Tent Forts, a Room Full of Them!
Play with Your Kids
Read Great Stories, EVERYDAY!
Bonfires! Weenie Roast
Let Your Kids Play
Get a dammit doll, never ever, EVER take your stuff out on a child
Be Your Kids Biggest Cheerleader, no matter their interest!
Play with Your Kids
Play and Stay in Nature!!
Less stuff, more creativity…
Let Your Kids Play
Skinned Knees and Elbows, high five them!
Learn to Steri Tape
And the most obvious trait my kids all bear in abundance:
Teach Your Kids to Love Well
Happy Mother’s Day!
By Michelle Perkins


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